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Instruct your sales team that they must ask for the sale with every visitor. Sounds simple but in my experience it is a rare occurrence. How to ask? Its not as hard as some would think. Have your team try this Added Value Informational Technique.

Adding Value IMG_1735

Ask your guests to compare two wines that you have poured for them. “Did you prefer the Chardonnay or the Sauvignon Blanc?” After they answer confirm their choice with some details that have already be offered and add some new information to continue the conversation. Discuss what food the wine would pair with or a detail about that block of the vineyard being superior for that particular grape, or why the winemaker wanted to cold soak the fruit longer than normal. Your adding value when you add details and information on how to use the product. You wrap the conversation up when you ask for the sale.

“Yes I think the Chardonnay with its nice subtle apricot flavor is a good choice. The part of the vineyard where the fruit is harvested is a little cooler and develops more intense varietal character. The winemaker adds to this varietal intensity by not rushing the fermentation. There are a lot of dishes this would pair with including many good seafood recipes, poultry or just a good block of cheese. Would you like me to get a couple of bottles for you to take home?”

Your presentation of course needs to be authentic and in your own words directed to your own wines. Tasting room visitors want to come home with souvenirs with a story from their tasting experience. Provide them what they want.

For more sales tips and tactics see our video library at WineryAdvisor.com


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