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We interactTasting Room Training with websites like we do with people — if they are interesting, useful and enjoyable we will stick with them, become attached, and may share the relationship with others.  If all they do is talk about themselves and how great they are there is no reason to be engaged and we find a polite way to bug out.

If your wine club page is the typical static benefit listing and sign up form there is no opportunity to interact and engage. One click and site visitors are off to somewhere more interesting.

What if your wine club page was instead a repository of information with links to interesting wine blogs, food pairing sites, photo galleries and regional resources for restaurants, hotels, nightlife, golf courses, casinos, sporting venues, concerts, etc? Your site visitors would have a reason to be engaged and find more value with your winery brand. More engagement translates to more brand loyalty, improved customer satisfaction and over the long run, more sales.

Provide relevant information to your visitors and your website can become a destination in itself. The information is not difficult to collect and to add some linked pages to your site should not be too much of a chore for your webmaster.  Offer more than just wine for sale. Remember it is not all about you.

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