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Tasting Room Sales Staff

Skilled Tasting Room Staff Can Make or Break the Tasting Room Experience

You have invested a substantial amount of capital and time into your tasting room.  To grow your profitable direct to consumer business you need to be constantly improving the tasting room experience and growing your tasting room traffic. Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Consider free WiFi for visitors and have your staff encourage on-the-spot social media reviews, shared photos, check-ins & videos.

2. Develop reciprocal relationships with your neighbor wineries and recommend each other to visitors. Have postcards to handout with map, tasting discounts, wine list.

3. Celebrate your news. Distribute press releases for new staff appointments, wine releases, awards, and vineyard (bud break, verasion, harvest) or winery (bottling, barrel sampling) events.

4. Partner with related hospitality providers. Reach out to hotels, restaurants and cultural organizations and create co-marketing opportunities.

5. Use your mailing list regularly and include coupons and special incentives to entice your fans to visit your tasting room.

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Tasting Room Sales Training

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