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You work hard to make great wine. You spend good money making your tasting room comfortable and inviting. You Facebook, you Tweet, you advertise, you are on the map. You get visitors in your door but do they buy your wine?

At the average tasting room a third of visitors do not buy wine.  A well trained staff can make the difference in getting 80 to 90% purchasing your wine or joining your club. They need to know how to ask for the sale. Here is a quick video on one very simple and successful method to sell more wine.

Tasting Room Sales Tip #14

Frequently staff members are hesitant to “ask for the sale”. This video tip reviews the Direct Close technique and how to use it in the tasting room. It uses a simple question to determine which wine(s) to ask your visitor to purchase.

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Plus 6 Tips For More Sales

There is good news in wine country about increased visitor traffic in tasting rooms. The recent survey conducted by Silicon Valley Bank shows visitor traffic up a whopping 11.5% year over year, following an 8.5% increase the previous year!

In addition to more people in the tasting rooms, visitors are also spending more money than in previous years. Tasting room guests opened their wallets from a low of $41 per average purchase in Michigan, to a colossal $202 in Napa Valley. The vast majority of regions fell between $45 (New York) and $95 (Oregon).

Preparing To Profit

For small and mid-sized wineries this is welcome news as they continue to grow their direct to consumer sales channel. Many wineries are leveraging the increase in tasting room traffic by having better trained sales staff to grow their revenue. On average 36% of visitors do not even make a purchase, yet some tasting rooms have over 80% of visitors who buy. This is due to a well-trained staff, good operating sales systems and support from management.

Converting more visitors to wine club members is also an opportunity that many wineries miss. The survey average was 1-2% conversion of visitors to new club members. According to tasting room consultants, a well-managed tasting room can average  5-7%.

6 Sales Tips For More Sales

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  1. Make sure your sales staff communicates your brand values
  2. Instruct your sales staff to look at visitors in the eye and ask for the order– every time
  3. Mention the wine club at least 3 times during the tasting
  4. Learn about your guests and match the sales offer to their needs
  5. Try various closing techniques including the direct, indirect and open-ended close
  6. Develop rapport with your guests, offer appropriate advice and become a trusted advisor in their wine buying decisions

Tasting Room Sales Training now available on DVD

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