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I have been in the wine business off and on since the late 1970’s and have tasted thousands of wines and visited well over 1000 tasting rooms. Some people call this work, but I know better, it’s a great fun and great practice to discern what wines I prefer to drink and what wineries I like to visit.

Wine has been an enigma to many people– a misunderstood beverage with lots of mystery. Yet, for years we are told that everybody has different tastes in wine and some wines will appeal to different people, and we should enjoy what we like! So individual opinions from “experts” really shouldn’t sway us on what wine we should like. But they do!

I was speaking with a couple of local winemakers the other night about gold medals and 90+ point scores for their wines. They both indicated that they submit their wines to a number of competitions and will regularly provide wines to influential wine writers. High scores and gold medals clearly help sell their wines. (A top score can liquidate a vintners inventory within a few days.)

Other winery owners I have spoken to feel that the days of gold medals making a substantial impact of wine sales has passed. Are there too many wine competitions and therefore too many medals? Is it overload to keep up with the latest scores? Or are we now more attuned and confident in our own ability to discover wines we like and to heck with what Mr. snooty, cork dork thinks?

Let’s go out to the wine country this week and do some research.



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