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2010 Harvest

Looks like an odd year with good and not so good fruit coming in. Most is good and some is looking…..great.  The sun, or lack of it this summer, has contributed to more than a few grey hairs on growers heads.  Too cool so pull some leaves and drop some fruit.  Oh no, heat spike! Its 110 and no shade for the grape clusters. Sunburn with no sunblock.

chardonnayWas that 1/2 inch of rain along the Central Coast last week. Rain in October?  Yes and those tight clusters might be showing a bit of bunch rot.  Now we are back to something more normal this week. Cool nights (low 50’s) and warm days (90-100). Most vineyards are picked now with a few late ripening varieties still hanging on.  Could be  a year of some very interesting….great?….wines. Time will tell.


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